Luis Guillermo Acosta, new CEO of the Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers

Bogota, D.C, June 18, 2021. The Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers (Acipet) welcomes Luis Guillermo Acosta, the new CEO.  Mr. Acosta has a multicultural background, with more than 30 years of practical experience in E&P (onshore-offshore) in the hydrocarbon industry, 18 of these in multinationals such as BP and Schlumberger, and 8 years in Multilatinas such as Petrolatina and Gran Tierra Energy.

Mr. Acosta is a Petroleum Engineer from the University of America, has a Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta, an MBA from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, a Certification Diploma in Corporate Governance from Inalde, and four Postgraduate Degrees from two universities in the United States.

Acosta's vision focuses on the sustainable growth and transformation of the triple corporate values (human, environmental and economic) through the strategic direction of projects and the promotion of new technologies.  As the new CEO, his humanistic leadership focuses on adding value to Acipet and its Associates, generating new business opportunities, forging strategic alliances, and developing sustainable technological solutions.

“Acipet and the industry come from two consecutive crises added to the effects of the pandemics, which represents a great challenge because we must strengthen the Association and its Associates for the moment we are living.  Similarly, it is important to transform Acipet for the future, where there is huge uncertainty, but there is strength and hope.  We are going to continue contributing to the renewal and growth of the sector, tracing the path towards energy coexistence” highlighted Acosta.

In addition, Mr. Acosta held positions as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kanuck Petroleum Integrated (KPI), Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Deputy Country Manager (CM) of Gran Tierra Energy, as well as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Petrolatina Energy Limited.  During his career, he was responsible for the turn-around of Petrolatina through exploration, drilling, development, recovery, growth, and maximization of the company's hydrocarbon production and reserves safely and sustainably.

Mr. Acosta is making the handover with Alfonso Navarro, who was in charge of the position for the last two years.  Acipet thanks and recognizes the work of the Engineer Navarro during all this time.


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